Broner vs. Garcia Final Presser - MVP RBRBoxing (21)

Photo by Marilyn Paulino/RBRBoxing

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, Adrien Broner (33-2, 24 KOs) takes on Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KOs) in the main event of a Showtime Championship Boxing telecast that will air live from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Broner, who hasn’t really been his normal outspoken self during the build up to this fight, was back in vintage form during Thursday’s final press conference.

Broner took multiple shots at the media, who he claims have it out for him and are partially to blame for the way that outsiders view him.

“After I make it look easy, I want everyone to write about it and say something good,” said Broner.

“The same way y’all go out there and write all these stories when I get caught up and go to jail, I want y’all motherf*ckers to go back and write some good sh*t.”

Broner wasn’t done. He also brought race into the discussion.

“They don’t want me to get to that superstardom,” said Broner, who stopped short of clarifying exactly who “they” are.

“For him [Garcia], I don’t want to pull out the race card, but they want him to get there.”

Broner went on to say that people don’t want him to reach a higher level in boxing because he gets on stage and speaks his mind, which is confusing because it doesn’t align with his race comments.

Either “they” don’t want you to succeed because you’re black or because you say outlandish things with no filter.

Which is it? Maybe we should ask Al Haymon.

Regardless of race or ethnicity, Broner is always entertaining and he’s good for the sport–that’s undeniable based off his viewership numbers.

But up until now, Broner hasn’t proved that he belongs in the pound-for-pound conversation or on the list of elite boxers.

Saturday night he has a chance to let his fists do the talking, and who knows, based off his in-the-ring performance maybe he’ll kick down the door to superstardom.