Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Tottenham – Lightweight prospect Campbell Hatton (4-0), the son of Manchester legend Ricky Hatton, was very fortunate to win a six round decision over late replacement Sonni Martinez (2-5).

The sole score of 58-57 came from the referee.

Hatton came out with a quick jab, pushing back Martinez and looking for bigger punches. Hatton was rushing his shots and leaving himself open. Martinez managed to rattle Hatton with a big uppercut at the close of the first. More of the same in the second, Hatton pushing the pace and still being a bit reckless as he pressed forward with Martinez landing counters here and there.

During the third, Hatton was doing the better work for most of the round and then got caught with a few big shots in the final minute. As the action continued in the fourth, Hatton was being more calculated with his shots, taking his time more, but still getting caught here and there.

In the fifth, both came out jabbing. Both was doing work on the inside and landing. Martinez began to work Hatton over in the final minute with numerous punches landing. During the sixth and final round, Martinez was doing the better work when the action began. Hatton seemed very tired, with Martinez outworking him. Both fighters were missing a lot of their shots, but Martinez was the fresher man. In the final moments, Martinez had Hatton in some trouble as he was working him over.