Estrada vs. Orucuta
Estrada (last 12 fights- Rungvisai thru Chocolatito) landed 24.5 punches per round (#5 among Categorical
Leaders) & 19.1 power punches (#5). 29.8% of Estrada’s landed punches were body shots.

Orucuta (vs. Roman,
Jimenez, Cayetano & Narvaez) threw 25 more punches per round than the wgt. class avg., but landed just 20%.

Nearly half his landed punches however were body shots (46.6%)- an avg. of 8.2 body shots landed per round.
Estrada lands 7.2 body shots per round

Nietes vs. Palicte
The selective Nietes (47.9 punches thrown per round in last 8 fights), landed 37.2% of his total punches and 43% of
his power shots.

As a result, opponents landed just 8.7 punches per round, nearly half the wgt. class avg. and just 7.5
power shots per round and just 21.6%. Palicte (vs. Cantu & Granados) is an inaccurate whirlwind, averaging 81.3
punches thrown per round, but landing just 20.3%.

Half of those punches were jabs (13.5%). As a result of his over
aggressiveness, opponents landed 34.7% of their power shots. Just 22.1% of Nietes landed punches are body shots.
(Palicte 16.4%)

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