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MTK Global are delighted to announce the appointment of Jamie Conlan as Professional Development Coordinator.I

A Commonwealth, European, International and Intercontinental champion, Jamie Conlan is taking on a new challenge by fulfilling the role of MTK Global’s Professional Development Coordinator. With over 130 fighters signed to the company, Jamie will play an integral part in establishing programs and projects to support the professional growth and development of his fellow boxers.

As the company continues to grow, there is a vital need to streamline the efforts in ensuring that the well-being and developmental needs of the boxers are taken care of. The role will address structured and boxing-specific programs such as body conditioning & training, performance analysis, health and nutrition, and continuous coaching and mentoring.

Conlan’s appointment is the latest addition to MTK Global’s new team following a recent Management Buy-In.

“I am thrilled to be part of the ever growing MTK Global team and to contribute something of which I am very passionate about,” says Jamie. “Boxers need all the professional help and support they can get to sustain and improve their craft. As a fighter myself, I know what are the specific needs of a boxer in order to grow and I am very willing to share my insights and experiences,” he added.

MTK Global co-founder Matthew Macklin is excited to add Jamie to the company’s new team.

“I have known Jamie for a long time now and I believe he is the ideal man for this role,” commented Macklin. “His experience, professionalism and dedication to the sport are relentless and unwavering. He has the heart, mind and soul of a professional boxer. He is especially well placed to fully support our growing stable of fighters.”

MTK Global will announce further appointments and new management personnel in the coming weeks.

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