Mayweather Loses to MacTalk and Social Buzz in a Digital Realm Battle Against McGregor

Even with an apparent 11 year age gap, there’s no concrete method of deciding who will win in the upcoming fight this 26th of August between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

Mayweather is older and far more experienced as a defensive boxer with zero losses throughout his professional boxing career while McGregor still has his youth and years of MMA stamina on his side to support him in this fight of the year.

As per Bond’s memorable quote in Skyfall – age is no guarantee of efficiency, Mayweather’s age could also be his downfall as we can see how his rigorous preparation and training pre fight night has taken its toll on him.

But fight night aside, what if these two were fighting and competing on another level. One which could not be affected by age, merely by evolving with current trends.

What if Mayweather and McGregor were competing on a digital platform? Who’s savvier?

Who’s App Is Better?

Days before the fight of the year, Conor McGregor just took one step ahead of his opponent in the digital realm by launching his own app called MacTalk, a lead up from his previous apps which were available on both iOS and Android called MacMoji.

Earning major points with the phone obsessed generation much as more people will be making use of an app that can trash talk just like Conor for them! In comparison to Mayweather’s app which merely provided updates bout Money.

King of the ‘Gram

Let’s not take a look at numbers. Simply comparing both official Instagram accounts, it’s pretty obvious Mayweather has more followers but less number of postings. McGregor on the other hand has less followers but dear god he makes up for it in the number of posts. As both of them are well acknowledged to have massive egos, it’s a never ending contest of showing off the good life on the ‘Gram for both of them.

But who does it better?

According to a social media study conducted by global discounts platform CupoNation, Conor McGregor has three times more Instagram posts of his Lamborghinis in comparison to Floyd Mayweather.

Conor even wins when it comes to flaunting his luxury watch collection, using every opportunity to have his Rolex gleaming on social media.

Google’s Man

It may seem that Conor is leading in every single element which we are observing at the moment when it comes to a battle of odds which don’t include actual boxing. But hang on to your horses as we take a look at the final denominator.

Who is more popular on the web? No let’s be more specific. Whose value is more interesting to be searched, from all nooks and crannies of the world?

We figured since he seems to be leading in the digital atmosphere, it should be Conor for the win. Unfortunately how wrong we were to see that according to a keyword search analysis in Google, Floyd Mayweather had the upper hand in public’s interest.

Fair enough I guess we can’t really predict who would win in the ring or outside the ring at this point. Stay tuned this August 26 to see if Mayweather will survive his legacy and put McGregor to shame.


All photos by Esther Lin/Showtime

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