MTK TV will revolutionise the way boxing fans consume content.

MTK Global is proud to reveal its new media hub for boxing content MTK TV will be launched in August.

The new channel will be broadcast free online and will provide fans with unrivalled access to fighters, shows and events from across the world.

With more than 160 fighters on its roster, MTK Global is the foremost boxing management in the world and is set to use unique access to bring its heroes to your screens.

Behind-the-scenes footage, up-close-and-personal interviews and contraband sparring tapes will all be regular features of a new age for boxing media.

MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan said: “This is a huge step for MTK Global and we are confident MTK TV will be the place to be for any boxing fan.

“Through our work with iFL TV, we know what the people out there want and we’ve had time to coordinate a media package that is the first of its kind.

“Media is a key cog in the wheel of boxing and with our own dedicated channel, we’re going to bring the supporters closer to the fighters.”

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