RBRBoxing – Alexa Skill Terms of Use

This agreement is between you and Round By Round Boxing (in this agreement, “RBRBoxing”, “Us” or “We”) and governs your use of the RBRBoxing Skill on Amazon’s Alexa service (“Alexa”) on any Alexa-enabled device (the “Skill”). This agreement applies in addition to any other policy contract or agreement that you may have with Us or which applies to you. It does not replace any other benefit contract or agreement you may have with Us or which applies to you.

Before using this Skill, please review these Terms of Use, as well as theRBRBoxing Privacy Policy, available here. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use in their entirety, do not use the Skill.

  1. Privacy and Confidentiality: The Skill allows you to use your Alexa-enabled device to communicate with RBRBoxing, by voice, regarding content found on Round By Round Boxing. To use the Skill, you will need to speak commands and questions aloud to your Alexa-enabled device, and you will receive responses from Us using your Alexa-enabled device.

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