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On Saturday, July 29, 2017, four-division world champion Adrien Broner and three-division world champion Mikey Garcia will square off in one of the summers hottest matchups.

Broner vs. Garcia will headline a Premier Boxing Champions event on Showtime live from Barclays Center, the home of Brooklyn Boxing®.

The Showtime telecast begins at 9:00 pm, EST.

Read on for Round By Round Boxing’s staff predictions for Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia and let us know who you think will win.

Round By Round Boxing Staff Predictions – 2017

Name Win Loss Total Fights Win Percentage
Alan Garcia 9 3 12 0.75
Alex Burgos 19 8 27 0.7037037037037
Amber Williams 15 5 20 0.75
Andrew Kang 6 0 6 1
Brandon Glass 13 1 14 0.92857142857143
Chris Nicastro 9 3 12 0.75
CJ Halloran 10 3 13 1.6666666666667
Eric Ramos 1 0 1 1
Joseph Rodriguez 9 3 12 12
Julio Sanchez 5 1 6 0.83333333333333
Liam Brady 20 6 26 0.76923076923077
Michael Burnell 15 7 22 0.68181818181818
Milo Taibi 0 1 1 0
Robert Contreras 2 0 2 1
Sarah Gruber 9 3 12 0.75
Shelbi Keyes 2 0 2 1
Ty Paul 19 3 22 0.86363636363636
Vince Minnick 1 0 1 1

Adrien Broner
Mikey Garcia

Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

This fight is a real toss-up; there are many variables that make this fight hard to predict. On one hand you have Adrien Broner’s speed, though on the other hand, you have Mikey Garcia’s fundamentals.

What’s more, one thing that stood out to me was the fact Broner’s résumé, as of late, consists of opponents that can be defined as pressure fighters–such as Adrian Granados, Shawn Porter and John Molina.

Arguably his last foe who was more of a boxer, rather than an aggressor, was Paulie Malignaggi, who caused Broner problems with his jab–and made it a competitive fight. It’s clear Broner hasn’t come up against someone like Garcia recently, which suggests he is suited more against pressure fighters, thus making Garcia a challenging opponent.

However, interestingly, Garcia’s résumé shows that he hasn’t faced someone with Broner’s style, and likewise, he has mostly faced aggressors (like Dejan Zlaticanin and Orlando Salido to name a few).

As a result, this makes the fight very intriguing as both fighters do not have prior experience of their foe’s style, to draw upon or gain confidence from.

Focusing on the fight, both fighters are very economical with their punch output, and refrain from being volume punchers–meaning there will most likely be a lot of impasses and, as a consequence, hard rounds to score. Early on, I believe Broner’s speed will frustrate Garcia, which may seal some of the rounds, though his lack of footwork (as evidenced by him being flat footed a lot) might be his undoing later on in the fight.

Elaborating, Broner’s tendency to be flat-footed and stationary will allow Garcia to negate the speed disadvantage, as he will be able to time Broner, and counter him, a lot easier. I think Garcia will take a few rounds to adapt to Broner’s style, and then his (arguably) superior technique, footwork, and timing will help him break away as the fight reaches the championship rounds.

Garcia’s movement and pivots will provide a very different situation for Broner, who is used to fighters coming towards him, and he may have to chase the fight and come out of his shell in order to sway the judges, which will be crucial in a fight with very close rounds.

This fight is so tough to predict the outcome of, but the overriding feeling is a very close, competitive decision going Garcia’s way, which will be facilitated by his fundamentals and movement. Broner can be slick, but he is not elusive by any means, and fighters who are technically inferior to Garcia have had success landing shots.

Therefore, it can be safe to assume that Garcia who, with all due respect is at a higher level, will capitalize on Broner’s defensive lapses, and then some.

Prediction: Garcia


Chris Nicastro, Staff Writer

Every time Adrien Broner’s come up against someone with a pulse he’s fallen short. I even had him losing to Adrian Granados in his last fight.

AB belongs in the storied hall of fighters who pissed away their talent on outside-the-ring antics, never quite reaching their full potential.

Mikey Garcia, on the other hand, might be peaking. A killer with such precise craft, a Lightweight [Joe] Louis: unless Broner puts on a very special performance I don’t see a world in which Mikey doesn’t wipe the floor with him, Maidana-style.

Prediction: Garcia


Sarah Gruber, Staff Writer

I think a lot of people are doubting Adrien Broner in this fight. Yes–Mikey Garcia is a handful; he is technical and sharp, but Broner is awkward and athletic.

I think we see an in shape and focused Broner for this fight. I think Garcia is unproven at 140 and Broner’s size and strength will be a great advantage for him to make Garcia uncomfortable.

If Broner get’s into trouble in this fight, I think it will be due to his stamina. Garcia’s best bet to beat Broner is to keep coming forward, keep throwing punches and to relentlessly stay in Broner’s face all night.

For Broner to win he should basically do to Mikey what Shawn Porter did to Broner himself. He should make it hard for Mikey by pressing him, tying him up and moving from the waist to throw off his timing and rhythm. Broner should then use his sharp counter punches to land the harder and more effective shots.

Prediction: Broner


Ty Paul, Staff Writer

This is one of the best fights, at least on paper, in 2017 in my opinion. It’s a classic matchup of styles that are also world-class, which can be a rarity.

Mikey Garcia moving up to 140 is intriguing, while Adrien Broner is fighting at his natural Junior Welterweight level, even though he hasn’t fought at 140 in nearly three years. The question is, will he be drained trying to make the weight?

Broner is at a crossroads in his career. Garcia has a beefed up bandwagon after capturing the WBC Lightweight title earlier this year. Fear of security and income can be a great a motivator for someone. Broner is coming off a split decision win over Adrian Granados that many felt could have been a draw.

I see Broner’s natural speed and hand quickness giving Mikey Garcia some issues early. Broner is a counter-puncher that will be waiting for Garcia to come in. Garcia really doesn’t let his hands go by being out of control. He’s a solid boxer-puncher that his patience and professionalism is his strong suite.

Wouldn’t surprise me if it is an even fight halfway through. Broner has yet to be stopped in his career, but Garcia is a well-oiled machine that will chop down Broner is the second half of the fight with his supreme accuracy in a entertaining, chess match of a fight.

Prediction: Garcia


Michael Burnell, Staff Writer

Reining WBC Lightweight champ Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KOs) is stepping up in weight to take on the naturally larger Adrien “The Problem” Broner this weekend.

The Problem has been very troubled in recent years and has struggled with weight, legal and personal issues that may have affected his focus.

Garcia on the other hand seems to have charted and stayed consistently on course, one apparently now set to touch down in the 140-pound division; the same division in which Broner is undefeated.

While Garcia certainly has momentum on his side, Broner appears to understand that this fight is absolutely a crossroads in his career and has prepared himself accordingly.

Garcia opened as a 5-1 favorite and I understand why. However, I think Broner will be a spoiler and pull the upset.

Broner will stop Garcia in eight, shock many and rejuvenate his career should he choose to remain disciplined, which is an entirely different prediction.

Prediction: Broner


Alan Garcia, Staff Writer

Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia is an interesting matchup that will leave the boxing audience satisfied. While most people have Garcia emerging victorious come Saturday night, Broner is not going to be an easy opponent, providing Garcia a lot of challenges he hasn’t dealt with before.

If team Garcia believes that the key to victory to beat Broner will be similar to the plan like the one they used for Marcos Maidana, they’ll be in for a major wakeup call once the fight commences.

Maidana has a completely different style than Garcia, which was the reason why he won the fight. Maidana is an aggressive, come-forward style slugger, relying on his devastating power, lunging in as he throws to land effectively.

Garcia on the contrary has an upright style, very technical. It’s safe to assume that Garcia doesn’t pose the same power that Maidana does, therefore, making it a little harder to believe that this same strategy will be effective against Broner.

The reason Maidana was able to land on Broner was precisely because of his lunging-forward style. Garcia doesn’t lunge forward due to his technical style, leaving himself exposed with enough reach for Broner to counter him all night.

Despite Broner not being as focused as he should in the past, this fight will be different. Broner knows his skill level and talent, especially compared to that of Garcia’s. Acknowledging there’s a title on the line is the reason I believe Broner has regained focused and is looking to capitalize on a especial opportunity he’s been deprived of since his loss to Maidana.

Mikey Garcia had some trouble in the past against basic fighters, being dropped by Rocky Martinez and withstanding a tough fight against Juan Carlos Burgos. Garcia hasn’t really fought “tough” opposition and this fight against Broner will be his first real test.

There are a few things that aren’t in Garcia’s favor and all odds point towards him. But lets get one thing straight here, weight will not be the problem for either man and it would be a shame if in case of a loss Garcia’s team blames it on the weight. This fight will be a display of skill and style only.

Adrien Broner has fought tougher challenges with a wide variety of styles that to Garcia hasn’t faced. Although he hasn’t really looked his best, Broner has more in his repertoire. One can argue that both Broner and Garcia are on the same crossroad in a make them or break them type of fight.

It seems as if Broner is being dismissed as the favorite to win simply because of his lack of focus in the sport, but this fight, to me, reminds me of when Robert Garcia went up against Joel Casamayor and loss dramatically to the more skillful fighter in Casamayor.

I predict a unanimous decision for Broner with a few knockdowns under his belt for this fight, if not even a stoppage. In case of a stoppage, I don’t see this fight going past nine rounds.

Prediction: Broner


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

Picking a winner in this matchup is a tough choice. Both fighters have won titles at multiple weight classes and both have faced seven world champions, only Adrien Broner lost to two.

Broner has won his last three fights, since losing to Shawn Porter, while Garcia has stopped all but one opponent in his last 14 bouts, despite the layoff to settle his contract dispute.

Broner has been training in Colorado Springs and he’s been most successful when holding camps there.

Make no mistake, Broner’s going to need to be at his very best. He’ll need to be sharp with head movement and counters, because aside from being a slow starter, he likes to stand front and center with his opponent and even lean against the ropes. Those tendencies could put him right in the line of fire for Garcia’s lethal straight right or one of his deadly uppercuts.

However, Garcia’s lack of head movement will leave him vulnerable to Broner’s quick counters and hooks.

It’s so hard to pick against Garcia based on what know about both fighters, but I stand by my previous statement in other predictions that when Broner is focused, he is one of the best in the world.

Even if Garcia connects with a hard shot, there’s a good chance that Broner gets up from the canvas because we’ve never seen him get stopped or knocked out. That said, I can see Garcia landing a vicious punch with either hand, that could short circuit Broner.

I know this isn’t the popular choice, but I like Broner’s punch selection slightly better than Garcia’s. I think he will surprise Mikey (and the world) with his fluidity and great combination punching taking him to a unanimous decision or stoppage victory down the stretch.

Real talk: I’m not absolutely confident in this risky pick and by Saturday morning I will have changed my mind three or four times. Either way I’m glad we get to see this matchup.

Prediction: Broner


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

Like Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan before it, Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia seemed to come out of left field. But unlike that massacre, this is a welcome and should be a competitive surprise.

Right off the bat it seems that we can throw away a few popular “what if’s” that are often times associated with Broner.

What if he doesn’t make weight? What if he’s not focused? What if he didn’t train hard enough.

Broner’s seclusion in Colorado Springs tells me enough–he’s done everything the right way this camp and we’ll get his best effort on Saturday night. Now, the question is will that be good enough to defeat the streaking Garcia who is coming off of a blistering knockout?

I don’t think so. But I also don’t think we can expect Garcia to blast Broner like he did Dejan Zlaticanin in his last bout. Obviously anything can happen, but we don’t know how Garcia’s power will translate at 140 and we’ve never seen Broner knocked out, so it’s a bit of a stretch to predict Garcia by KO in my opinion.

I think this fight will be competitive in the early going with Broner’s speed and movement playing a big factor. But then in true AB fashion, he will become more flat footed and Garcia’s precision punching will take the day.

I’m thinking Garcia takes a decision victory.

Prediction: Garcia

Final Count: Adrien Broner 4 / Mikey Garcia 4