Wilder vs. Stiverne

The Heavyweight Championship rematch between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne headlines the November 4, 2017 Showtime Championship Boxing, a Premier Boxing Champions event, live on Showtime.

The fight card starts at 9:00 pm, EST from Barclays Center, the home of Brooklyn Boxing.

Wilder, who was originally scheduled to face off against Cuban Heavyweight Luis Ortiz, has faced numerous disappointments with opponents being popped for illegal substances.

While fans continue to blame Wilder for not facing top competition, he has vowed to take all his frustrations out on Stiverne Saturday in Brooklyn.

Stiverne, who has only fought once since losing his title to Wilder in 2015, hopes to make good on a promise that he would be the first person to defeat Wilder.

Read on for Round By Round Boxing‘s staff predictions and let us know who you think will the rematch between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne.

Round By Round Boxing Staff Predictions – 2017

Name Win Loss Total Fights Win Percentage
Alan Garcia 9 4 13 0.69230769230769
Alex Burgos 26 11 37 0.7027027027027
Amber Williams 19 8 27 0.7037037037037
Andrew Kang 8 1 9 0.88888888888889
Brandon Glass 19 5 24 0.79166666666667
Chris Nicastro 10 3 13 0.76923076923077
CJ Halloran 13 6 19 1.8571428571429
Eric Ramos 2 0 2 1
Joseph Rodriguez 11 3 14 14
Julio Sanchez 5 2 7 0.71428571428571
Liam Brady 27 10 37 0.72972972972973
Michael Burnell 22 11 33 0.66666666666667
Milo Taibi 0 1 1 0
Robert Contreras 2 0 2 1
Sarah Gruber 9 4 13 0.69230769230769
Shelbi Keyes 2 0 2 1
Ty Paul 24 6 30 0.8
Vince Minnick 7 0 7 1
R.L. Woodson 6 3 9 0.66666666666667

Deontay Wilder
Bermane Stiverne 2

Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime

Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

I expect another Deontay Wilder win, this time by knockout. Despite his erratic tendencies, I have seen improvement in Deontay Wilder since the first time he fought Bermane Stiverne, yet I cannot say the same about the latter.

And if Wilder was better than him last time, it is natural to think he will defeat him more clinically this time around, seeing that he is more refined as a fighter. Furthermore, Stiverne is not busy enough to remotely trouble Wilder, which is concerning, as he would have to be busy in order to close the distance and negate Wilder’s height advantage.

I believe Wilder will dominate from range, and eventually close the show by the fifth round.

Prediction: Wilder


Mike Burnell, Staff Writer

Saturday night “The Bronze Bomber” Deontay Wilder (38-0, 37 KOs) will defend his WBC heavyweight championship against the man he defeated for the belt, Bermaine “B. Ware” Stiverne (25-2-1, 21 KOs) at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

This fight is a bit of a disappointment as boxing fans were anxiously anticipating a contest between Wilder and deserving challenger Luis “King Kong” Ortiz. The fight was cancelled after the Cuban contender failed a drug test leading up to the clash.

Stiverne has been very inactive. He has had only one fight since losing his title to Wilder almost three years ago, defeating Derric Rossy by decision over 10 rounds. Interestingly, Wilder had promised to “…put this Haitian on permanent vacation.”

In their first match the rugged Stiverne appeared surprisingly lethargic while the normally ‘bombs away” Wilder moved, jabbed and boxed intelligently to a clear decision victory. While never in any major danger of being stopped the defending champion never seemed to find his ignition switch.

Expect Wilder to be more aggressive this time around. He has garnered a number of victories, gained experience and will be even more confident.

These factors combined with Stiverne’s major lack of activity over 34 months will result in a stoppage in eight rounds, setting the table for a possible showdown with Anthony Joshua in late 2018.

Prediction: Wilder


Vince Minnick, Staff Writer

Deontay Wilder has the chance to prove that he is the best Heavyweight in the world on Saturday night, at least to some. There are many boxing fans that are just convinced Anthony Joshua is the man to beat, and he might be, but no one wants to fight Deontay Wilder.

Wilder hits harder than anyone in boxing, but he’s made some great improvements in his boxing ability in recent fights. He’ll flatten Bermane Stiverne with a right hand bomb and barring any football tackles like last time, he’ll finish the fight.

Stiverne’s no joke and tested Wilder seriously in the first fight, but Wilder is physically too imposing for him. Hopefully we see a serious call out of Joshua post fight.

Although he might not have the upside or skills as the Brit, I think he beats him and every other Heavyweight on the planet. He’s working with too much athletic ability and has that killer instinct that the heavyweight division has been lacking for some time.

Prediction: Wilder 


R.L. Woodson

The vaunted heavyweight division… Is it boxing’s LV-426? Barter Town? The Upside Down? Or The Wheel of Pain?

After years of hard labor a hard-bodied Conan was the lone survivor still pushing The Wheel of Pain. With his body fully taken care of, he then survived as a crude gladiator until he gained enough victories to be properly educated and trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat and modern weaponry. This timeline of Conan’s development into The Destroyer (the sequel’s a better fit here) somewhat mirrors the maturation process of the heavyweight division’s two most prominent fighters–WBC champ Deontay Wilder and WBA/IBF/IBO champ Anthony Joshua.

Before we can begin to get to a Wilder-Joshua showdown, we’re being forced to watch Wilder defend his title against former champion Bermane Stiverne. Wilder won the belt from Stiverne in January of 2015 by unanimous decision. The only decision on Wilder’s 38-fight resume. Since that loss Stiverne’s only fought once, overcoming a 10-8 first round against Derric Rossy to earn a unanimous decision. The victory was apparently enough to be Wilder’s mandatory here in 2017. Now, you see why I’m referencing The Upside Down.

After the first fight Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole reported that Stiverne was severely dehydrated and diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis – a condition that involves dead muscle fibers being released into the blood stream. Wilder said that he fractured his right hand near the third or fourth round.

Saturday night.

Wilder is extremely frustrated with his inability to land fights with the best fighters he can fight in the division. The level of emotion in his recent interviews is palpable. He’s vowed to retire if he loses to Stiverne, and on the conference call he repeatedly stated that he believes he is just as good out of boxing, as he is in boxing. Does all of this create a window of opportunity for Stiverne?

Wilder’s skills still haven’t progress to what one would consider precision boxing. We’re all well aware of his eraser he’s relied on to make a lot of his deficiencies disappear with just a stroke or two. I like that Stiverne, not known as a talker, at least sounded better during all of the media engagements leading up to fight night. I recall him seemingly struggling to formulate answers to some questions in 2015.

I’d like to see a healthy Stiverne bring the best we’ve seen out of Wilder. I’d like to see Wilder remain mindful of range, display some improved defense, steadily flash an educated jab and eventually set up his powerful right hand. I’ll take the Bronze Bomber to win the fight, but I hope to see him tamp down some of his emotion, and to avoid re-injuring his hand. Let’s keep the hurdles between us and Joshua-Wilder limited to compensation or location – not rehabilitation. Until it happens, I’ll quietly observe from the Tree of Woe.

Prediction: Wilder


Andrew Kang, Staff Writer

The unfortunate rematch no one wants to see. Bermane Stiverne has done absolutely nothing deserving of this title shot since losing his WBC belt to Deontay Wilder a couple of years back.

In fact, about the only news he’s made was a failed drug test. Wilder is just too quick, too long and powerful. My hope is that Wilder has learned to put together his combinations better since their first match, under the continued tutelage of Mark Breland, to force a stoppage if he hurts the granite chinned Stiverne this time.

The only way Stiverne has any chance in the fight is to hurt Wilder. Possible certainly, but not likely.

Prediction: Wilder


Brianna Rodriguez, Reporter

I have Deontay Wilder coming out with the win.

Prediction: Wilder


Ty Paul, Staff Writer

Deontay Wilder by mid-round KO in a rematch no one really asked for. Honestly feel bad for Wilder with his string of opponents who are cheaters.

Prediction: Wilder


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

The rematch nobody asked for! I was really excited for Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz, but this is boxing and crappy shit happens all the time.

Looking at 2017 as a whole, we really can’t complain, but still there are so many other challengers more deserving than Bermane “I Barely Beat Derric Rossy” Stiverne.

I think Wilder, as long as he doesn’t windmill himself out of the ring, wins by stoppage.

On to something bigger and better in 2018.

Prediction: Wilder

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