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The mind games that happen between football coaches in the major leagues in the world may well influence the outcome of games. But it certainly does not win games for teams. In the world of boxing, the recently concluded ‘Money Fight’ had a similar situation. While Conor McGregor did most of the talking, Floyd Mayweather’s eyes were on the money, and he eventually got it.

Similarly, Tony Bellew has been berating his fellow boxer David Haye for some time now and has refused to stop. It would be recalled that the last match between the two boxers saw Bellew winning Haye.

Haye launched his first card some days back, and while at it, he posited that he would like to get back to the ring soonest. He has not competed since he was defeated by Bellew in March. While making comments on returning back to the ring for fights, he posited that his plan is to get involved in at least one fight before the year runs out. He thus made reference to an all British fight between him and Anthony Joshua, the reigning heavyweight champion. But just as boxing betting tips wouldn’t allow people to get involved in dreams that seem unrealizable, the man that defeated him in the last fight has come out to criticize him.

Bellew said that he may not be the one to tell if they will possibly fight again in the future. But he knows that he doesn’t need Haye, but instead, it is Haye that needs him so much. He said that he has concluded that Haye must be taking drugs because of the statement he made about Anthony Joshua. He went further to refer to Joshua as a ‘colossal monster,’ and questioned why David will say his fight with Joshua could be one of the biggest ever. He believes that Haye must be insane to think of such, not to talk of voicing it out.

It would be recalled that such spats characterized the build up to the fight between the two men earlier this year. Later in the fight, Haye sustained an Achilles injury that has sidelined him since then, in a match that he lost to Bellew. The hatred between them is the type you won’t need betting advice from to understand. Everyone tries to spew anger over the other.

Bellew said that David has been chasing the limelight since he lost the fight against him. He has been attending all events that he should not attend, telling people that he has an announcement to make. This for him is a plot to take the entire limelight and ensure that his opponents get none.

He however did not stop at this, as he continued the berating this morning.  Talking about the expected rematch between the two of them, he said that the fight is still under planning, as the details are being smoothed out. But that he is not the one making the negotiations and arrangements because it is not possible for him to sit down in the same room with the plant pot as called him. He concluded that he can’t get close to him, and only regrets that victory was made impossible by his injury. For him, people will always believe that he only got the victory because the guy suffered an injury. But he will be happy to fight him now that he is injury free. He revels in wearing the underdog toga to come out and stun people.

He made reference to his Haye’s that he will drill him and send him to the hospital and insure that he does not fight again. But at the end of the day, it was Haye who landed in the hospital.


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