It took Lucas Matthysse eight rounds to catch up with Tewa Kiram, but once he did, things didn’t last long.

Kiram fell harder than a sack of potatoes and the HBO team seemed to think it was a bit fishy.

Watch the knockout and let us know if you think Kiram checked out without really getting hit or if he was simply blasted by a jab.

Kiram’s knockout wasn’t the only weird thing that happened during the fight.

HBO cameras caught referee Raul Caiz Sr. and a ringside physician confiscating a substance that Kiram was inhaling between rounds.

“I’m really happy. He moved really well, and he was really big. That’s why it was hard to cut the distance,” said Matthysse after the fight. “I didn’t feel his power, so that’s why I was able to find him later and stop him.”

Lots of questions–no answers as of yet!