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Errol “the Truth” Spence Jr. (23-0 20 KO) is the purest definition of a destructive fighter. He has made a name for himself as a relentless power puncher who can break his opponent mentally and physically until they are lying in a heap on the canvas.

On January 20, 2018, Spence lived up to his name, hammering through the defense of Lamont Peterson (35-4-1  17 KO) and emerging victorious with an eighth-round TKO. In the post-fight interview, Spence declared he would like to take on WBA and WBC Titleholder Keith “One Time” Thurman in a three belt super-fight.

Although Spence wants Thurman immediately, is it his best option currently?

Here are three of the best choices Spence could make for his next fight.

Jeff Horn

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Although it is famously known that boxing can have the biggest of surprises, I think it is universally believed that The Truth would have little-to-no trouble relieving WBO champion Jeff Horn of his title.

If Errol Spence took on Horn to unify those three belts, it would make his imminent clash with Thurman worlds larger, as the victor would be the undisputed Welterweight champion.

If Thurman and Spence fought first, it would make Horn’s future clash with either of them far less exciting, as Horn, though a strong and brave fighter, would come in as a massive underdog to either of those fighters.

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Terence “Bud” Crawford is quite possibly the biggest name in boxing right now, and nobody is in his way.

He recently moved up to Welterweight and is on the hunt for a title. Errol Spence, out of all the champions in the Welterweight division, is best prepared for a fighter like Crawford.

With his strong defensive skills and his destructive combination of speed and power, Spence could cement himself in history early by defeating a fighter the caliber of Crawford.

Keith Thurman

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Although it would not be the best fight available at this current time, the trash talk between Keith Thurman and Errol Spence has built a level of hype around this fight potentially happening.

If these two met in the ring, though it would not be quite as large as if it was for the title of undisputed champion, it would still be a massive fight.

The winner of this bout would be majorly recognized as the best fighter in their division, with nobody standing in their way. Were Spence to defeat Thurman, it would also cement him a spot among the top pound for pound names, taking him one step closer to achieving his goal.