Have you ever thought of a boxing tournament where nothing can beat to this? A boxing tournament which no one has ever witnessed. Yes, it’s the newly introduced World Boxing Super Series 2017.

A joined venture between Sauerland Promotions and Richard Schaefer, this tournament is exclusively organized by Comosa AG. The World Boxing Super Series is especially dedicated to the Legend of Boxing, former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, which also presents a trophy under his name exclusively for this series.

This tournament got designed in such a way that there will be two weight classes, Cruiserweight and Super middleweight. The games started in September 9, 2017 and will finish with both the finals in May 2018. And that’s not it; the champions share total prize money of a whopping $50 million.

The Game Format

Boxing can be confusing because of its many weight divisions and the multitude of belts. But as stated earlier it has two tournaments, one for Cruiserweights and another for Super middleweights. In both groups eight men will fight, starting with a quarter-final stage through to the finals, and eventually, the winners of the each weight class will be presented with The Muhammad Ali Trophy and receive around $10 million in prize money.

Along the game, if a fighter meets with a current world champion as an opponent, then that belt will be on the line. The quarter-finals aim to complete all its rounds by the end of October 2017, semi-finals by the end of February 2018 and the winners will be decided by May.

The fans and viewers will not only get the tournament telecasted, but also there will be a presence of trash talking and heated rivalries. So it is completely entertaining and appealing to the boxing lovers. It all just began at the final news conference which was before the Saturday’s first Cruiserweight, where there was a tiff between Marco Huck and Aleksandra Usyk which started with a push from Huck, and later Usyk avenging back that he will bury him.

From Opponents to Storylines

The World Boxing Super Series will involve a large number of storylines. This million-dollar game is not only about the fights, but it will also be beyond the game. With lots of fun and excitement, the tournament will bring a large mass drawn to the game either live or on television or internet.

It all began at July’s draw in Monaco where the seeded boxers who faced with their unseeded rivals, picked their quarter-final opponents. There has been the discussion by players at the event asking each other ‘why did you choose me?’ The fans will have their share of curiosity ‘why is this guy not fighting with that guy?’, and so one.

The selection committee has stated to the fans that there isn’t any politics, but just eight guys; four seeded and four unseeded and the winners and losers will be decided according to the game they will put in the ring. You can get World Boxing Super Series tickets without service fees to make sure that you enjoy it live there.

This project is specially designed to become the Champions League of Boxing and the makers delivered to the public that it was a big statement for them to put this event out there and they are somewhat positive with the delivery of fighters into the game. After all, it’s a $50 million bid which will be divided $25 million each for Cruiserweights and Super middleweight. The Muhammad Ali Trophy that winners will receive exclusively designed by the late Silvio Gazzaniga who is the brainchild behind the design of the Fifa World Cup Trophy in 1971.

So, set your spirits high on and enjoy the fight days to the fullest.


Header photo by Mark Hermenau/World Boxing Super Series

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